Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Review of Halo 3

Okay I just finished the fight.

This games was what I expected and more. I never finished the first 2 halos til a little over a month ago. So a lot of the story was fresh for me. And I think that made the game better for me.

I was not expecting Citizen Kane, I was expecting Halo 3. And what I got was amazing. So let me go over a few points that other web sites are going on about.

Point 1) Graphics. I think the graphics are perfect for Halo 3. Hlo 3 is not Gears of War. They are two totally differnt types of games. Gears level design is one that you are fighting in confined levels. Halo 3 is fully 3d. SO when you watch a saved film, you can actually go behind every building, go into buildings, and focus on every shot fired from a gun. This game is a master piece when it comes to this game.

Point 2) Length Okay size does not matter right. I did not feel this game was short at all. It took me a few hours to Finish the Fight. And I now know I want to finish it again with friends in Co-op. I say it took me about 11 hours to finish the game on normal.

Point 3) Difficulty This was the most annoying thing to me. Normal was not that hard, except at first. But I did feel that the Heroric Difficulty was way to hard. I plan on giving heroic another try. I had to go back and finish the first level and it was not that hard the second time through, so maybe heroic will be for me. I am saving legendary for my friends in Co-op

The Multiplayer shines. I still suck at it. But people still want to team up with me, I guess they are gluttons for punishment.

I Loved the story for Halo 3. I will be playing this game for weeks and months on MP. As long as those bastards on live dont figure out how to cheat like they did in Halo 3. I give this game a buy for MP. If you are not going to play MP then it is a rent only. But as I can see from my friends list, everyone already bought it.

So have fun Be safe and always use a bubble shield.

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