Thursday, September 27, 2007

My Review of Halo 3

Okay I just finished the fight.

This games was what I expected and more. I never finished the first 2 halos til a little over a month ago. So a lot of the story was fresh for me. And I think that made the game better for me.

I was not expecting Citizen Kane, I was expecting Halo 3. And what I got was amazing. So let me go over a few points that other web sites are going on about.

Point 1) Graphics. I think the graphics are perfect for Halo 3. Hlo 3 is not Gears of War. They are two totally differnt types of games. Gears level design is one that you are fighting in confined levels. Halo 3 is fully 3d. SO when you watch a saved film, you can actually go behind every building, go into buildings, and focus on every shot fired from a gun. This game is a master piece when it comes to this game.

Point 2) Length Okay size does not matter right. I did not feel this game was short at all. It took me a few hours to Finish the Fight. And I now know I want to finish it again with friends in Co-op. I say it took me about 11 hours to finish the game on normal.

Point 3) Difficulty This was the most annoying thing to me. Normal was not that hard, except at first. But I did feel that the Heroric Difficulty was way to hard. I plan on giving heroic another try. I had to go back and finish the first level and it was not that hard the second time through, so maybe heroic will be for me. I am saving legendary for my friends in Co-op

The Multiplayer shines. I still suck at it. But people still want to team up with me, I guess they are gluttons for punishment.

I Loved the story for Halo 3. I will be playing this game for weeks and months on MP. As long as those bastards on live dont figure out how to cheat like they did in Halo 3. I give this game a buy for MP. If you are not going to play MP then it is a rent only. But as I can see from my friends list, everyone already bought it.

So have fun Be safe and always use a bubble shield.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Scratched Disc

The limited edition Disc for Halo 3 is scratched. ANd I made a small video to show it.

Monday, September 24, 2007

The Aftermath

Before The Halo 3 Launch

Second opinion: Metroid Prime 3

When Metroid first came around on the NES back in the day, people enjoyed the side-scrolling action and Mother Brain. We cannot, also, forget about what would happen when you completed the game in less than 2 hours. With Metroid 2 (GB) and Super Metroid (SNES), the formula continued to work really well. When Metroid Prime debuted on the Game Cube, people were shocked and really worried about the move to FPS. Well, when you played it, you know that the move was a great move for everybody.
Now, with the Wii, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption; the bar has been raised even higher. MP3:C begins six months after the events of Metroid Prime 2: Echoes and follows bounty hunter Samus Aran as she assists the Galactic Federation in their fight against the Space Pirates, despite being slowly corrupted by the mutagenic material, Phazon. The Wiimote gives such a level of immersion with the game that it boggles the mind. You point the Wiimote at the enemy and press A to shoot. You use the nunchuck to move around and disable shields. The graphics look about as good as any on the Wii right now. The controls are fluid (just try not to switch hands due to exhaustion), and there are VOICE ACTORS! I don't have to sit back and read the story. Overall, if you have a Wii, you need to get this game.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Impressions: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

I do not own a wii and I never thought I really wanted a wii, I thought the wii was a disappointing console. None of the games really appealed to me. But Yesterday I saw a glimmer of hope. I seen the reason for a hard core gamer to buy one. I seen, touched, played... Metroid Prime 3.

I suffered through learning the controls, I only played it for few minutes. Phil really enjoyed it. He was alot better at it then I was, and I think that is my only complaint.

When Phil played it, at times it was poetry in motion. When I played it, it was more poultry in motion... as in running around ith my head cut off. But at the same time I was jealous. I wanted a wii. I wanted to explore, a very great looking game. The graphics seemed to work for the game, it was no gears of war, but you really did not need that.

I was not very good aiming the wiimote. I would not be able to aim very well, but the lock on feature helped for the most part. I got easily confused on moving. There is something about the way your arms are not close together confuses me.

The most fun though is opening doors. To watch your friend struggle. I mean how difficult can it be to pull the wiimote towards you, twist it and push it forward. For me,very difficult. But it made it very interesting at the same time. And riping shields away with the grapple beam was a lot of fun.

The bad thing is that after about 2 hours, Phil was tired. The game takes a lot out of you,and that has always been one of my problems with the wii.

I know one reviewer said that this is the way all FPS should be played. But I have to disagree with that. I would not enjoy my FPS if they were all like that. But at the same time. I noticed Phil Struggled just as much with the BIOSHock Controls since he was not used to FPS at all. So I guess it is a matter of where you start, as to where you are.

From what I played I was impressed. I wanted to play more, but at the same time I thought about getting a wii, and do i really want to blow through a game here, or wait a while and enjoy it from the comfort of my own recliner.

I would highly recommend those looking for a deeper game to sink there colective teeth into this one. The better this sales the more games like this we get. So when you are at the Store, Put down that copy of Carnival Games, and pick up Metroid Prime 3

Hola Halo

Well tomorrow night I will be standing in line at the stroke of midnight, waiting to finish the fight. I have decided to go to walmart instead of EB Games where I had it preordered.

One reason is walmart is 10 minutes away. Two, they are giving away Halo 3 dog tags. I mean who could not use a set of Halo 3 Dog Tags. I am deciding that if they have the $70 I am going to get it instead of the normal version. I want the little collector tin.

I have sat around tonight watching video review after video review, and I can not wait to Finish The Fight. There were moments that I had to hiverwith delight. More like a Geekgasm. And when they showed Infection mode, I squelled with delight. I can rememebr playing that back in the day when we went by the honor system. I am sure I will be playing more of that then anything else.

So look forward to tomorrow.... well maybe more like Tuesday, for me to show off my dog tags, my Unboxing video and my first impressions. And any shennanigans that happen during the Walmart line.

Robert "Henderson Master Chief" Wood

Friday, September 21, 2007

Retro Lust Part 2

Ocassionally I will purchase some old arcade game for the xbox live arcade. I enjoy old games, but really I am stuck in the present. However, some of the recent purchases I made are:

Streets of Rage 2: i dont think i ever realy played this back in the day. I finished the first one. But the second one I think I had a hard time finding to rent. I miss the old beat em up genre. Heres to hoping Capcom jams a Final Fight down our gullet, while we wait for another DeAD Rising.

Sonic The Hedgehog: I remember buying a Genesis from my buddy Will in high school. With it, I got Sonic and fantasia. While Fantasia was not good at all. Sonic will always hold a special place in my gaming heart... until now. Sonic 1 did not age so well. No spin dash, enemies appear out of nowhere, come on. Oh well the good thing is I only paid $5 for it.

Pacman,Ms pacman: old favorites. I remember the first time I ever seen a pac man arcade machine. It was a tabletop at a local diner my dad and i would go to, most of the time we would go there on his way way to work in the oil fields. He would take me along and we would get breakfast and play Pacman. I have to highly recommend pacman Championship edition. All the coolness of pacman, redone. Bright colors and great addicitive fun. think of it as: Pacman at a rave

Paperboy: My friend Melanie loved this game as a kid, and so i bought this game so she could play it anytime she wanted to. I liked it too. But man, this game is hard.

Digdug: Next to Burgertime, this was one of my favorite arcade games. The skill this game takes when you get to the upper levels is awesome. What this game offered over any arcade game of its time was the levels never really felt the same. Rocks, and tunnels were in differnt places. And trying to work out the maze in your heard was awesome. Now XLA give us burgertime

So there are just a few of the retro games I have played lately.

have a great day


Retro Lust

Video games have been around me all my life. I remember getting an NES when I was young and that was the only gift I can ever remember. I remember playing a ton of games on that console from Peter Pan and The Pirates to Super Mario 3. Thank God, now, that the Wii console has brought the old games back. I sat back last weekend and played The Legend of Zelda for about 8 hours and I am pretty close to completing the second quest. Considering game development is in the millions of dollars, playing a game with characters who can only have 3 colors on them is a great thing.

Past gen consoles were getting into the fold with retro games. Sega Genesis Collection, Mega Man Collection, and Taito Legends are just some of the compilations that were on the PS2, 'Cube, and XBox. The Wii virtual console and XBox live see that people do like the oldies and are selling them online. Companies are also thinking that and you are seeing NES emulators (due to the NES patent expired) being brought into the fold. I own a Generation NEX console and actually bought a screw bit to remove the old batteries from old NES games. When I am able to play Final Fantasy on the NES and be able to save to the cartridge, I will be in heaven.

Real Life Donkey Kong

When i was in High School. I had a Psychology teacher who told me that when I was done with his Psyche class that I would understand why people do the things they do.

12 years later, I still think he was senile. What would possible make someone do this... Besides for my unadulterated Amusement. I present to you, Real life Donkey Kong. (no Billy Mitchell included)

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Thoughts: Medal of Honor: Airborne (360)

Wow. I knew the Medal of Honor games was going down in quality over the years, but did they have to make such a mess of it on its first deployment on the 360. The first time i popped this game in the system, I was excited. I remember storming the beaches of Normandy, Bombs exploding around me, the scared soldier screaming beside me. But this game has something the other games did not have.

The worst accuracy of any weapon ever. i am not sure if it was the aiming sights, or just poor programing. Trying to shoot a gun across the battlefield was a diffcult to do as trying to teach Helen Keller to Mountain Climb.

The game also suffered from Monster Closet Syndrome. Enemies would seem to reappear everywhere. I am not sure how they got there. I felt like there was times that I had cleared out the room and the next thing I know, I come around a corner, and I get Fatal Lead poisioning.

And another thing. When I say the word, Checkpoint, to you in a video game... whats that make you think of. Well In MoH:A it means sure you killed one of the three generals you were tasked to do, but you still have to jump out of the plane, and get back to the same spot you died at. With all the enemies you killed, having respawned. Not only that, unless you reach one of these check points, you do not get to keep the upgrade to your weapons.

Now, it sounds like I am dogging this game for its annoying level of difficulty. but I did find something that actually made it somewhat fun. I had to change the difficulty to Casual. After that, the enemies were not head shot kings. The moster closets closed up shop and the weapon upgrades did not make me want to pull my hair out. At these point I was able to finish the game.

I really think EA could have given this game a little more devolpment time and made a game worthy of playing. As it is now, I am not sure I would buy this game if i had a thousand dollars in cash and nothing else to spend it on. However if you are a WWII fan, and are not sick of the entire genre, then I say go for it as a rental. I did not try the MP mode on the game, but I have not heard anything really good about it. So i would say its a rental.


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