Sunday, September 23, 2007

First Impressions: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption

I do not own a wii and I never thought I really wanted a wii, I thought the wii was a disappointing console. None of the games really appealed to me. But Yesterday I saw a glimmer of hope. I seen the reason for a hard core gamer to buy one. I seen, touched, played... Metroid Prime 3.

I suffered through learning the controls, I only played it for few minutes. Phil really enjoyed it. He was alot better at it then I was, and I think that is my only complaint.

When Phil played it, at times it was poetry in motion. When I played it, it was more poultry in motion... as in running around ith my head cut off. But at the same time I was jealous. I wanted a wii. I wanted to explore, a very great looking game. The graphics seemed to work for the game, it was no gears of war, but you really did not need that.

I was not very good aiming the wiimote. I would not be able to aim very well, but the lock on feature helped for the most part. I got easily confused on moving. There is something about the way your arms are not close together confuses me.

The most fun though is opening doors. To watch your friend struggle. I mean how difficult can it be to pull the wiimote towards you, twist it and push it forward. For me,very difficult. But it made it very interesting at the same time. And riping shields away with the grapple beam was a lot of fun.

The bad thing is that after about 2 hours, Phil was tired. The game takes a lot out of you,and that has always been one of my problems with the wii.

I know one reviewer said that this is the way all FPS should be played. But I have to disagree with that. I would not enjoy my FPS if they were all like that. But at the same time. I noticed Phil Struggled just as much with the BIOSHock Controls since he was not used to FPS at all. So I guess it is a matter of where you start, as to where you are.

From what I played I was impressed. I wanted to play more, but at the same time I thought about getting a wii, and do i really want to blow through a game here, or wait a while and enjoy it from the comfort of my own recliner.

I would highly recommend those looking for a deeper game to sink there colective teeth into this one. The better this sales the more games like this we get. So when you are at the Store, Put down that copy of Carnival Games, and pick up Metroid Prime 3

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