Sunday, September 23, 2007

Hola Halo

Well tomorrow night I will be standing in line at the stroke of midnight, waiting to finish the fight. I have decided to go to walmart instead of EB Games where I had it preordered.

One reason is walmart is 10 minutes away. Two, they are giving away Halo 3 dog tags. I mean who could not use a set of Halo 3 Dog Tags. I am deciding that if they have the $70 I am going to get it instead of the normal version. I want the little collector tin.

I have sat around tonight watching video review after video review, and I can not wait to Finish The Fight. There were moments that I had to hiverwith delight. More like a Geekgasm. And when they showed Infection mode, I squelled with delight. I can rememebr playing that back in the day when we went by the honor system. I am sure I will be playing more of that then anything else.

So look forward to tomorrow.... well maybe more like Tuesday, for me to show off my dog tags, my Unboxing video and my first impressions. And any shennanigans that happen during the Walmart line.

Robert "Henderson Master Chief" Wood

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