Friday, September 21, 2007

Retro Lust Part 2

Ocassionally I will purchase some old arcade game for the xbox live arcade. I enjoy old games, but really I am stuck in the present. However, some of the recent purchases I made are:

Streets of Rage 2: i dont think i ever realy played this back in the day. I finished the first one. But the second one I think I had a hard time finding to rent. I miss the old beat em up genre. Heres to hoping Capcom jams a Final Fight down our gullet, while we wait for another DeAD Rising.

Sonic The Hedgehog: I remember buying a Genesis from my buddy Will in high school. With it, I got Sonic and fantasia. While Fantasia was not good at all. Sonic will always hold a special place in my gaming heart... until now. Sonic 1 did not age so well. No spin dash, enemies appear out of nowhere, come on. Oh well the good thing is I only paid $5 for it.

Pacman,Ms pacman: old favorites. I remember the first time I ever seen a pac man arcade machine. It was a tabletop at a local diner my dad and i would go to, most of the time we would go there on his way way to work in the oil fields. He would take me along and we would get breakfast and play Pacman. I have to highly recommend pacman Championship edition. All the coolness of pacman, redone. Bright colors and great addicitive fun. think of it as: Pacman at a rave

Paperboy: My friend Melanie loved this game as a kid, and so i bought this game so she could play it anytime she wanted to. I liked it too. But man, this game is hard.

Digdug: Next to Burgertime, this was one of my favorite arcade games. The skill this game takes when you get to the upper levels is awesome. What this game offered over any arcade game of its time was the levels never really felt the same. Rocks, and tunnels were in differnt places. And trying to work out the maze in your heard was awesome. Now XLA give us burgertime

So there are just a few of the retro games I have played lately.

have a great day


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