Friday, September 21, 2007

Retro Lust

Video games have been around me all my life. I remember getting an NES when I was young and that was the only gift I can ever remember. I remember playing a ton of games on that console from Peter Pan and The Pirates to Super Mario 3. Thank God, now, that the Wii console has brought the old games back. I sat back last weekend and played The Legend of Zelda for about 8 hours and I am pretty close to completing the second quest. Considering game development is in the millions of dollars, playing a game with characters who can only have 3 colors on them is a great thing.

Past gen consoles were getting into the fold with retro games. Sega Genesis Collection, Mega Man Collection, and Taito Legends are just some of the compilations that were on the PS2, 'Cube, and XBox. The Wii virtual console and XBox live see that people do like the oldies and are selling them online. Companies are also thinking that and you are seeing NES emulators (due to the NES patent expired) being brought into the fold. I own a Generation NEX console and actually bought a screw bit to remove the old batteries from old NES games. When I am able to play Final Fantasy on the NES and be able to save to the cartridge, I will be in heaven.

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