Wednesday, September 19, 2007

My Thoughts: Medal of Honor: Airborne (360)

Wow. I knew the Medal of Honor games was going down in quality over the years, but did they have to make such a mess of it on its first deployment on the 360. The first time i popped this game in the system, I was excited. I remember storming the beaches of Normandy, Bombs exploding around me, the scared soldier screaming beside me. But this game has something the other games did not have.

The worst accuracy of any weapon ever. i am not sure if it was the aiming sights, or just poor programing. Trying to shoot a gun across the battlefield was a diffcult to do as trying to teach Helen Keller to Mountain Climb.

The game also suffered from Monster Closet Syndrome. Enemies would seem to reappear everywhere. I am not sure how they got there. I felt like there was times that I had cleared out the room and the next thing I know, I come around a corner, and I get Fatal Lead poisioning.

And another thing. When I say the word, Checkpoint, to you in a video game... whats that make you think of. Well In MoH:A it means sure you killed one of the three generals you were tasked to do, but you still have to jump out of the plane, and get back to the same spot you died at. With all the enemies you killed, having respawned. Not only that, unless you reach one of these check points, you do not get to keep the upgrade to your weapons.

Now, it sounds like I am dogging this game for its annoying level of difficulty. but I did find something that actually made it somewhat fun. I had to change the difficulty to Casual. After that, the enemies were not head shot kings. The moster closets closed up shop and the weapon upgrades did not make me want to pull my hair out. At these point I was able to finish the game.

I really think EA could have given this game a little more devolpment time and made a game worthy of playing. As it is now, I am not sure I would buy this game if i had a thousand dollars in cash and nothing else to spend it on. However if you are a WWII fan, and are not sick of the entire genre, then I say go for it as a rental. I did not try the MP mode on the game, but I have not heard anything really good about it. So i would say its a rental.

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