Sunday, October 14, 2007

Gone to the Dark Side

I would like to apologize to anyone that thought I wasn't blogging here anymore. The Rob'd part of our group is the hardcore type of gamer. I, on the otherhand, am the more casual gamer. I only spend about 10 hours a week on games. That is why I am still going through Bully. I hope to have it complete within the next 2 to 3 weeks. When I complete it, I will give you all the full review.
I have, I guess, finally jump ship. I went out and purchased an Xbox 360 on Friday. I picked up the Marvel Ultimate Alliance/Forza Motorsport 2 combo. I have been a staunch PlayStation man ever since I picked up my first PS1 and Final Fantasy Tactics. When the first Xbox came out, I was opposed to it and didn't even want to touch it. Xbox got some good games, such as Ninja Gaiden, but I still didn't want one.
When the new generation of consoles came, I was still opposed to the 360. I started to get warmed up to it because of two things. (1) The game library for the 360 was far superior than the PS3. I know that the Japanese are overwhelmingly a PS3 group, but they are now the 2nd largest market for consoles behind us. (2) The arrogance of Sony for putting a $600 system out on the market. There have been several consoles out there that were for $600 and they all failed miserably. There is a limit of how much people would pay for a console and Sony completely missed the mark. Sony tried to put a whole lot of things into a gaming console. They wanted the console to be the all-in-one entertainment center and people don't really do that. They wanted their machine to be the best machine out there. They should have looked at the past generation. The PS2 was far inferior to the Xbox and the Gamecube in terms of power, but it ruled the generation. It ruled with two things: games and notoriety. They have tarnished both of them with this console.
Back to my 360. When I started to look through the Xbox Live, I was amazed. I enjoyed the fact that I could actually download games and try them before I went out and put down $60.00 on one. I like that the 360 would even let me try an Xbox Live Arcade game before putting points on it (YOU NEED TO LEARN THAT NINTENDO). I also do like the chance to download movies (in HD), but to be honest, I have no need for that. It is nice, though. I got some points and downloaded the full version of Uno. UNO! It is pretty cool when you sit back and waste an hour playing Uno with people throughout the world. The only thing that I do not like is that you have to pay $8 a month/$20 for 3 months/$50 for a year for a gold account. That is the only way that you can play with others online and I really don't like that. I think that are going to get enough of my money.
Overall, in the US, there are two powers in the gaming community, the Wii and the 360. They have the games that people want to play. The PS3 may have already lost this war, and may be where the TG 16 and the Amiga CD-32 are, off the complete map.
Don't forget to chat with Rob and I at Well be there at 3:30 central. You can also find me on Xbox Live under “Screenwriterman”. Until later, peace bitches!

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