Saturday, December 1, 2007

Finished Mario Galaxy: I can has Princess now

I finished Mario Galaxy last night. One of the greatest games ever. Forget Zelda, OoT. I never cared for it. I have not been a big Zelda supporter since they went 3-d. But this Mario Game is awesome.

I plan to continue playing it. I want to try to get all those stars. The games has no achievement points, no online multiplayer, but it is just fun. Its been a long time since I played a game for more than just fun. Most of the time I get burned out on a game and just keep playing it for a boost of Gamerscore.

The game continues to improve. You realy never feel like you are doing the same thing over and over again. Every star seems unique. Every challenge seems different. I wish all games had this much replability. I loved it everytime I opened another galaxy. I loved it when something unexpected happened .

And there were times that I just had my mouth hanging open like a hooker at a Bukake orgy. If you own a wii,buy this fucking game. If you don't own a wi. Find a soccer momand beat the shit out of her and take hers. Or curb stomp a bukake hooker and take her money and buy a wii off Ebay. This game is that good.

(The views expressed here are not those of Phil-n-Rob'd games. We love hookers and Soccer moms... mmmm Hooker Soccer moms. Quick get Vivid videos on the phone. I just found the next porn cash cow. Grand Theft Auto: Hooker Soccer Mom Bukake. Yeah those checks are just rolling in.)

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