Thursday, December 6, 2007

One of those days

We all heard about the tragedy in the media about the mall in Nebraska. As soon as I heard that this morning I waited for Jack Thompson to rear his ugly head. Maybe his disbarment trial is keeping him hushed up. Thank Goodness.

It is sad that I was afraid for my hobby again this morning. I read news reports and waited. The family he was living with said he smoked pot, and played video games... the normal teenage stuff. Even showed her the gun.

I am glad the media for once had not run screaming at Microsoft or Grand theft auto. perhaps they have wised up... perhaps they read that this young man was trouble. He was devastated by the loss of his job, and his girl friend. Frankly it is something I can relate to. But I am not going to take it out on others.

The saddest thing was the women he was staying with said things like, "He was like a sad puppy dog that no one wanted." That breaks my heart a little bit. Maybe he would have been okay if things had gone a little better that day. But in the end, he was mental unstable and that was all him. Not the lack of parentng, not the video games or the pot. And I hope the media keep that in mind.

It scary to think that the day after this tragedy, another Grand Theft Auto trailer was announced. It was excellent. It looks like it is fixing some of the ldGTA problems like auto targeting, and giving the game what it truly needs ... a cover system. The graphics look amazing. And the frame rate looked solid compared to the last trailer they showed.

Still they have not announced a new release date. But I am still thinking it wont be out til October of next year. But take your time 2K. We see what happens when some games are rushed out the door. (Kane and Lynch, Mass Effect)

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