Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Stealing My Thunder

When I was driving today, I thought I would write to you all and talk about the Virtual Console on the Wii and some things that I think need to happen to it. Well, someone already beat me to it:

When this article came up, I was shocked that Nintendo had the machines to implant thoughts into your mind as well as happy that they thought of it. Okay, for every Paper Mario or Ocarina of Time, you get Blazing Lasers or Urban Commando. Now, there are thousands of games that are on the consoles covered by the VC. I am in complete shock that there are no Metal Gear for the NES or that Capcom doesn't care about the VC. Nintendo continues to throw shit on the VC and we continue to buy them up. Nintendo also continues to sell the games for a high price. Sonic the Hedgehog for the VC is $8 while Sonic the Hedgehog for Xbox Live is only $5; and the Xbox version is much better because you can play them online and they have achievements. Nintendo continues to drop the ball when it comes to satisfying the customer. I am a Wii fan, but come the fuck on.

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