Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Conan Xbox 360 Review

Conan for the most part on the Xbox 360 was an enjoyable experience. You play the role of Conan. I know big shock right. And you are befriended by a Sexy Queen Early in the game. She needs your help and so starts a fantasy adventure full of Pirates, Dragons, and perilous ledges.

The game plays like a Devil May Cry or God of War clone. You walk around swinging a sword, picking up more swords, throwing swords, axes, rocks, people, barrels. You name it, it is probably a weapon.

You earn more moves by collecting red runes, which you spend like experience points. Moves in the game are dependent on what you are wielding as a weapon at the time. You do to have the same moves available when carrying a sword as you do when carrying a 2 handed sword.

The graphics in the game are only decent. I think they tried to match the art of Boris Vallejo. So it looks more like a painting than a graphic heavy game. But the animation is decent. There are clipping problems, and the camera gets annoying.

It is a fun game. Its mindless hack and slash. You save topless women, who looked like they walked off a Boris Vallejo painting themselves. And they say some of the funniest lines ever in video game history. (“Crush me with your love”, “My clothes, where are my clothes”) I was having a blast until the last level of the game.

Throughout the game. The enemies get really tough. Most carry shields that eject spikes. When you strike them you take damage. Well this is fine, a lot of times in games you have to wait to hit an enemy. Well these soldiers are psychic. I mid swing they let those spikes loose, and you have no choice but to follow through. And this happens over and over.

The last level and boss are just a aggravation simulator. The enemies sole purpose seems to be not hacking you to death, but pushing you off a ledge, because you can not block when they follow through with a combo. So when they come flying at you like a windmill, and you are too close to a ledge...

Thank goodness the last boss is fought in parts, I would not have had the patients to finish the game otherwise. My controller coward in fear every time I would die. I wish they would have fixed some of these problems. But it is a licensed game and therefore not considered game of the year material.

I really enjoyed the game up until the last level. If I were grading it I would have given it a 7.5, but the last level really is not much fun and causes the whole game to drop in quality. 6.5 is what I give it. It has a few technical hiccups and a harsh difficulty level at the end, that kept me from wanting to go through the game a second time for the achievement points.

I would give it a rental. Or if you see it for $20 pick it up.

Phil-n Rob'd Moment: Being on top off a platform that starts to fall away, try to jump but the game's camera system switches, causing me to jump off to a weird angle, and into the dark oblivion below.

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