Monday, January 14, 2008

Don't Hate the Player, Hate The Gamestop?

Okay. I just got looking through the website Kotaku, and a poster was talking about Gamestop selling used games is a Parasite to the industry. I read this and I felt kind of sick to my stomac. h.

I love my local Gamestop. I do not know why people hate gamestop honestly. Maybe a few bad experiences or whatever. I am one of those people that preorder a game. Why? Because I like getting a game day one. And the only place around here that it is a guarantee is Gamestop.

And you know what. I also trade games in at Gamestop. Sure I will not get what I paid, or sometimes even half. But I get something. And lets break it down. You wanna know why you buy a used game for $55. Simple.

Do you realize that every new game sold nets the average store, $8 after shipping, purchasing, salary, so on and so forth. So when you sell it to them, people seem to forget that it is not "Pure Profit" They just gave you money (sometimes as much as half, and more if you have an Edge card, hell I traded in Mass effect Yesterday and got $42.00) Right there is cutting into the "pure Profit" and in the end they may make at the most $20 But think about all those games you see when you go in there. How many of those games they are selling for $5-$10 do you think they paid $20-$30 and never sold off. I bet alot.

And people want to say the developers do not get there cut. Well honestly I can see that. But they get first time sales. Sure they get nothing from round two. But really how many times do you walk into a gamestop and see the hot game that just came out Tuesday. Rarely, and if you do see it half the time its because the developer did not do there job.

The reason games like Heavenly Sword and Conan are not selling is mostly due to length. I would not buy either game because I could rent those and finish them in a weekend. And without multiplayer whats the point to play through them again.

If developers want to nip this problem, they need to make games cheaper out the gate. If they are cheaper, people buy them earlier, and the more copies you sell out the gate is games that probably wont get a used sale later. Most of the friends I know that are gamers, wont touch a game until it $30 or less. Make your game $40 and watch it fly off the shelf.

I guess it is easy for me to say things like this, but then again I am the gaming community. And we are the ones who buy the games. Just think how many more I would buy if they were cheaper



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