Thursday, January 31, 2008

The ugliest generation

After going through The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past, I still felt like playing through another game. Rob brought over for the show on Sunday and let me borrow the other two games from Burger King for me to review. I will just state it like this: Big Bumpin' and Sneak King makes Pocketbike Racer look like GTA 4. Considering I gave Pocketbike Racer a D in my reivew, it puts the other two into focus. They are not even worth going through for the points. I had no idea what I really wanted to play. I had gone to a game shop earlier in the month and was able to trade for some games. I picked up Tomb Raider 2, Dino Crisis, and Parasite Eve. I decided to play through Parasite Eve and get the ending up on YouTube and to review it here. I played through around 20 minutes of it and had to stop. It just looked too damn bad for me to continue. So, I put in Tomb Raider 2 to do the same thing. 20 minutes later, I put that down as well because it just looks horrible.

I went looking through to see articles and came up to one from (who checks the facts, checks them again, fires editors and put together what is best for the company) and they say that the SNES is the greatest console ever via a pole. I have problems with that because for its time, I believe the Playstation is the greatest. Anyway, I started to think that the Playstation also has a distinction with the Sega Saturn and the Nintendo 64. The Playstation, the Sega Saturn, and the Nintendo 64 are the ugliest generation in gaming. Before those three, we had the SNES and the Genesis (TG16 and the Neo-Geo doesn't count because no one cares). Those consoles and the ones before that used sprites for their characters and static 2-D backgrounds. The consoles after the 3 were able to model 3-D characters and environments very well. Do not get me wrong, there are some games for those three that did it well (Gran Turismo comes to mind); but it just seems like most of that generation just looks horrible.
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P.S. Found a game to play through and that would be Indigo Prophecy on the original Xbox.


Kush said...

I would agree that most games during the PS/N64 generation are pretty ugly since it was the initial jump into 3-D, and the power didn't leave much to eliminating jaggies or anything like that...also I prefer the Genesis over the SNES...but that's just me...the Genesis is one of my favorite systems ever!

...and I hope you like Indigo Prophecy...It was and still is one of my favorite games from this millennium (2000+) ...though the game-play may turn you off, but the story is fantastic (if a little crazy by the end...)

Kush said...

Oh and if you want I can post a review for IP and you can post one and we can give it two different opinions...I played it on the PS2 (and played some of the DC on PC...) just a thought...

ScreenWriterMan said...

That would be perfectly fine with me Kush.