Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Thoughts and Opinions 5-26-2008

Ah, finally back to actually talking and writing about video games. For the past several days, my entire energy has been focused on working on the Distributed Failure TV intro. I am almost done. I have to only ad Kush's “Go” picture, ad the title along with shots of Rob and myself, and place in the wording such as “On Today's show” or what not. I am going to have two different endings just in case. One will be a generic one so that if Rob is the only one on the show, then he can do the generic intro. I will also have the modified title. If we have the time, I can quickly throw together the topics that we will talk about, the videos that we will play, and even if we have special guests they can be included. I believe that this will make the show a whole lot better looking. The intro may be a little long (1:03 by my counter), but it is definitely worth it. Rob saw the almost finished version and the words that he said made me feel good; “Holy shit”. Hopefully that is a good “Holy shit” and not a bad “Holy Shit”.

Well, this Thursday will mark one month since Grand Theft Auto IV has been out and that is when I will release the endings to the game. It will probably be in the 20 minute range because, in typical GTA fashion, the endings are never that long. One of the endings is a cut version because my dumb ass was hiding behind a car and I launched an RPG and it hit the car. Not smart. The good thing is that it is not that noticeable. When the downloadable content comes out, I will see what it is before investing more money into it.

I was looking through Destructoid.com a couple of days ago and came up to this article: If you love it, Change it: Mega Man. This article was cool in the fact that it gave good advice on how to improve the games from Capcom. One of the suggestions is to allow the user to combine weapons. I think that is would have been cool to combine the Metal Blades with the Air Tornados to have several Metal Blades spin in the air just like the boss fight with Air Man. You would have one hell of an unstoppable attack in your hands. It has been 20 years since that little blue bomber came out:

(God that box art sucked). The years have not been good to the bomber, and I hope that Capcom can resurrect him and give him the respect that he deserves.

Note: I want to play the PSP versions of Mega Man and Mega Man X so bad.

The above videos are the Metal Gear retrospectives parts 1 through 3 from Gametrailers.com. When Gametrailers comes out with a new retrospective; I sit back and watch them. Their 13 part series on Final Fantasy was very, very entertaining. The last part (3) was dealing with MGS 2: SoL (Shit Out of Luck?) and it was great. While there is no way in hell (right now) that I could ever do anything like that, there is something that is brewing in my mind and I think that is is “Essential” that I take my time on it. It is something that the whole DF crew could do and we could have some fun with it.

Well, it is about that time that I leave this web and go and work at my 2nd job. I hope you guys (and ladies...'cause I love the ladies) have a good one and I will be back sometime in the future.

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