Thursday, October 18, 2007

The Empire Has Grown

It started with 2 gamers. Endless Gaming. But we have gotten bigger over the last few weeks. We are not 2 gamers, we are 5 gamers strong. Lets say hi to those new guys.

Brian- The Pc man of the group. He likes the PC and we will let him speak on it, since we know nothing about that stuff. Look forward to his discussion on MMORPGs

Jesse- MeeGosh he is our Ms. Pac Man Loving man of the group. He is into the classics and is a self proclaimed Cheap Ass. He wont buy a game until it is in the $20 range.

Paul- He is not sure why he is here. He owns none of the newer systems, but he is planning on buying a Wii for Metriod. But he knows his Classic shit.

So look forward to our new shows on a Video Cast where the doritos run free.

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