Monday, October 22, 2007

Finally...a review of Bully for the PS2

I have been talking and talking that I will give you a review of Bully when I complete it. is my review.
Bully is the story of Jimmy Hopkins and a year at the Bullworth Academy. In the beginning, you are the one that is picked on by EVERYBODY. As you slowly progress through they story, you will litterally beat the respect into the separate gangs.
There are similarites between this game and the games that Rockstar is known for, Grand Theft Auto. This game is a sandbox-type in that you have a lot of freedom to move immediately. The big difference is that you don't shoot people with .357 magnums, you shoot them with slingshots and potato guns. Also different is that you have a time that you must be asleep. If you do not get to bed before 2:00AM, you will pass out and may wake up missing some items. You also have classes to attend at 11:00AM and 1:00PM. These classes hamper your advancement in the game, but once you complete the classes, you won't have to attend and you gain incentives, such as ability to talk out of trouble and receive kisses from girls without giving them presents.
Graphics-The graphics are on par with other PS2 games. Not as pretty as God of War and other excellent games, but still good. (B+)
Controls-Control is pretty good. You use the L2-R2 buttons to switch weapons. The battle system is pretty much the square button and the lock-on (L1). When you lock on, you can press the square button and hold it to use different attacks. Once you master that, the game is a breeze. (A-)
Sound-The sound is pretty good. There are no noticable people doing the voices, but they do a great job. With Jimmy not being able to drive cars, there is no need for radio stations. They do a solid job of playing a tune that is perfect for mischief. The ambient sounds of others talking is great and funny. Most of the sound effects are good. When I was driving the go-kart, it takes a little of time to hear the sound of the go-kart. Overall, pretty good, though. (B+)
Challenge-This is where the game suffers. I do use strategy guides, but I do expect some challenge. There was only one mission that took me more than three times to complete, and that was the 3rd to last mission. There was really no challenge, simple as that. (C)
Overall, Bully was a good game. Great atmosphere, great graphics, good sound, but not much of a challenge. Right now, Bully is $19.99 as part of the Greatest Hits and it will be out for the Wii and the 360 as Bully: Scholarship Edition. Those games are scheduled to be released soon.
Overall (B)
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