Thursday, October 4, 2007

My thoughts of Brain Age 2

The one thing that you have to love about Nintendo is that they are very innovative. With the motion sensor of the Wii to the touch screen functionality of the DS, Nintendo seems to put interaction before blow-me-away graphics. Now with that interaction comes new and great ideas, such as Brain Age 2. Just like the original, Brain Age 2 allows the player to try to work their brain in new and exciting ways. There is piano player, where you need to coordinate your hands with a beat by pressing certain keys on a virtual piano. There is also Word Scrambler where a word is mixed around and they spin in a circle and you need to write the correct word (very difficult).

Now, the graphics on this is not the best that the DS has to offer, BUT WHO CARES! The main reason why you would purchase the game is not the way it looks. The game does enough to make sure that you will enjoy it.

The sound on it is pretty well...for the most part. The music on the Piano Player is pretty good. One game (Word Blend) is very difficuly for you to hear because the game is speaking two and three words together and you have to write down the words. Some of them get blurred because you need to turn the volume all the way up to even try to hear it. During Rock, Paper, Scissors, the microphone does a barely competent job of recognizing your voice. Overall, not the best.

The touch pad does a decent job of recognizing letters, but for some very odd reason, it has a hard time figuring out what an "H" is.

Overall, this is a pretty good game for people that want to use their brains for more than hand-eye coordination. It is great that there are games that allow you to work the whole brain, and not just that hand-eye part.


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