Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Sorry for The Delay

My Wedding Cake if I am ever lucky enough to get married again.

Its been a week let me tell you. All I have played until Today was Halo 3. And I have big plans with it tomorrow also. My buddy from high school who disappears and reappears more than the Arbiter with a cloaking device has finaly gotten a 360. S I promised him I would take him through Halo 3. Okay I am sure he would prefer a better partner, but he is stuck with me dammit.

Today I broke the menotonous shooting of things, to play some more Lumines Live, and Tetris Splash. I found out one thing, I am about tetrised out. Do we really need to release more tetris games that have no improvments. We have been playing the same game since the game boy. The graphics get a little more pretty, but nothing else is innovative.

Lumines on the other hand is fun. I really wish I were better at it than I am, oh well. I am hearing a good rumor coming down the pipe line. Puzzle Quest will be out on the Xbox live Arcade next week. I CAN NOT WAIT FOR THIS ONE. I have waited so long for this game.

I enjoyed doing the show. I really think I missed my calling in the production industry. But we are planning as far as I know to shoot episode 2 this Sunday, at 1:30 PST. (3:30 our time in Central). As of right now we will be giving our opinions on the Consoles. And several other fun topics will release later.

Let us know what you think by leaving comments. AndI hope to see you in the studio next week.



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