Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Assassin's Creed: First Impressions

I picked up my copy of Assassin's Creed this morning. And popped it into the old Xbox 360 this morning.

The intro I think goes on a little long. You learn the hook of the game in the first 5minutes. and again I will not spoil it. But if you heard about Kristen Bell and the part she played in the game, then the Assassin has been let out of the bag.

I heard so much negativity about the controls that had I not been seduced by Jade Raymond's cute little Mole, I may have only rented this game.

But thanks to a flat tire and G4TV, (Don't Ask) I watched a preview of the game and I was hooked. It looked so polished and the game play after it was described did not sound so bad.

And so far it has not disappointed. I mean you guys are lucky you are getting first impressions. If my old ass was not getting gaming arthritis because it drizzling here, you would not get my lovely opinions on this game nor Jade Raymond's mole. (Both of which are hot)

As a fan of Le Parkour youtube videos. I feel like a Parkour champion myself after playing this game. However after I tried it running home with the game I tripped over a bench, and realized that at 250 pounds, I was never going to be the parkour man I want to be.

So I leap from rafter to rafter, scale walls and run across fence post in my heart and let Altair do it in digital form. And the fact that by holding down RT and the A button and steering the L stick and walla... I never have to be the bane of Benches again. Run to a wall, and he climbs it, run to a ledge he leaps it.

I can say I recommend this game for rental. I love the team behind it, and at the end of the day, I easedropped on some of its fault, like repetition. But I have not ran into any of the faults after an hour with the game. Whic is expected because thenI would already be bored. So repetition aside, I enjoy the controls, the scaling walls, the historically Acurate story, the mole.

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