Friday, November 16, 2007

My new reason to hate strategy guide haters

Okay, Rob and I did a show several weeks ago when we discussed cheating. He said that strategy guides are cheating. So what I did was try to get through Tomb Raider: Anniversary for the 360 without a strategy guide. Now here comes the truth. A pair of scissors, a phone, the controller, and anything around me has been thrown in a pure rage of irritation. I do not have much time to sit back and look through all of the shit through a goddamn game to be a "PURE PLAYER". Tomb Raider: Anniversary is about to be thrown through the atmoshpere or crushed by my fucking hands. I will now put it like this. ANYBODY WHO THINKS THAT STRATEGY GUIDES ARE CHEATING, YOU KNOW WHAT, IT IS. BUT MOST ANYBODY WHO DOESN'T USE GUIDES FOR THESE SUCH GAMES NEED TO GET A FUCKING LIFE. I HAVE HAD IT WITH ALL THE "SEARCHING".

My new message is this. If I do not have a strategy guide, then I will not play it. Plain and simple.

Hopefully we will have a new Phil-N Rob'd games show this Sunday (internet permitting). So see you then.

Phillip "Fucking irritated"

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