Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Call Of Duty 4: Modern Combat and Preordering and The Simpsons Game

Wel i bought Call of Duty 4 on Monday, it seems I was one of the lucky gamers to get to pick this up a day earlier than most. And all I did was go in and preorder it on Monday Morning. A scant few hours before it went on sale.

I have decided that most of my games are going to be reorders. I think it is smart to put down $5 on a game you know you are going to buy. That way you are going to be able to get your copy the earliest it is Available.

I never understood why people hate EB/Gamestop so much. I like most of the employees there. The manager is a dick, I just dont get the same vibe I got with the previous manager Jason. Maybe it was because Jason knew me every single time I walked in the store. My friends said Eb was my Cheers. Everytime I walked in the store they knew me.

Maybe that is why I like my store at the mall the most. As Long as you preorder you get to get your game, unless UPS fails to ship early or what have you.

So i went ahead today and preordered Uncharted Drakes Fortune, this is the PS3 game I am most excited about, and I know I want it. And the demo will be released this week so I can always cancel my preorder. Plus I also Preordered Mass Effect and that my friends is the end to my game buying Budget this year, more than likely. Since you know I dont have a job.

Call of Duty is good. I am not so far impressed with the single player. The graphics are smoth at 60 FPS but there seems to be very little detail. I maybe just getting burnt on FPS (First person Shooters, not frames per second, jeez we need to find a new abrevation of one of those)

But most people dont even bother for the SP mode of this game. So that maybe the reason the developers only made it last 5-6 hours from what I hear. I swill still play through it. Unless early next week I find A rental copy of Assassins Creed.

But the MP is fun, and I like the level up system in the game. The more games you play, the more enemies you kill you rank up and earn abilities. Like Last Stand, where we you are killed you fall to the ground, and pull out your pistol, allowing you to get a few shots off on that fiend that shuffled you from the digital coil.

It really adds a lot of depth to a FPS (again you can only guess which is which) becase you certainly do not get that depth from the maps. I thank all the maps look very similar and I would have liked to have seen a differnt look to them. All the maps in Halo 3 lok unique. These al look very similar. And even one map, if you took out the modern looking tractor, I would be hard presed to tell tha is from a modern time and not just a left over WW2 map.

But it is so much damned fun. I would not have bought it with so many FPS out there al running at 30-60 FPS, but damit my friends in Europe love this game series. I swear, I am not sure how I survived high school with out trying Pot or Heroin because in gamng I suck at avoiding Peer presure.

Anyway if you are on live, have loved ones on live and want to experience something differnt from Halo I recommended this. The graphics are gorgeous, if just a tad of bland textures. If you ar want to try the SP then my gawd man just rent it.

I also rented the SImpsons Game for the crew this weekend. Unfortantely I rented it on PS3. Not that its worse on the PS3, because it is not. I just need achievement Points. I dont want to get to far in this game, because i know i want the achievement points later down the road. So I may wait to buy this game on the cheap in a few months when its in the $20 dump bin. But i will keep it out a little longer so the guys can play it again this weekend, because they are not goig to want to play CoD4.

Also I bought a used game for the PS2 of all things. I re-bought Final Fantasy 12. I have plenty of time to give it unlike the first time I played it, when I was depressed. You know when you find out your sister has given your friend the clap for the second time .. its one of those things.

But I started over from scratch. Since I did not buy the memory card thingy for the PS3, which I could care less I forgot most of the story by this point anyway. So everyone have a great day. And catch us on operator11.com

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Anonymous said...

How about 1PS instead of FPS, that'd be a good way to tell the difference. Good blog page. I'll keep reading.