Monday, November 5, 2007

First thoughts of Tomb Raider: Anniversary (XBox 360)

I just completed the first level of Tomb Raider: Anniversary for the 360 and was completely surprised. TR:A is a remake of the first ever Tomb Raider. Crystal Dynamics took the foundation that Core (original designer) built and redid a classic. When I started to play, I noticed several things that were in the original, including the T-Rex from the lost world. I will give you my full review after I complete it, so hope you guys can wait. But I suggest you get it.
****I also played Prince of Persia Classic for the XBox Live Arcade. It is a remake of the original game first brought out on the Apple computer back in 1989. The game is updated with the Sands of Time graphics. It is brutally difficult and some of the action is more of a hit-and-miss. I hope that you guys will at least give this game a shot.

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