Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Mass Effect: First Impressions

Well I want to get this out of the way. This game is very entertaining and the story has me interested. But this game was rushed. Plan and simply.

There is lag issues in a single player game. The frame rate struggles to stay constant. Textures load in slowly. The combat plays like a hybrid 3-person shooter/rpg and does neither convincingly.

But as bad as I am knocking the game I sat here and played it from 10:30 on. For 3 hours I played this game non stop. So it has something going for it. I just think they could have waited 6 months and put this game out and had a real great game on their hands. Instead it feels like it is a game that needs more polish. Maybe a patch will arrive, but will it be to late because people will have already finished and moved on.

Maybe in that time they could have put in a tutorial system, I still am not sure how to use my special abilities. Still making the character was fun. I went female, unusual for me in a game. Maybe its the hot lesbian scene in the game was the deciding factor.

But my character has a history, and even a time line about your life in the menu screen, including year of birth and how you came to join the alliance.

The graphics are nothing to ealy write home about in my opinion. Bioshock, Halo 3 and Uncharted on PS3 looked more amazing.

I will play it and give my further input this weekend on the show.


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