Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Super Mario Galaxy: First Impressions

I hate to admit it. I bought 3 games last week. Uncharted, WWE SMackdown and Assassins Creed. If I had a wii one of those autrocities would have never happened (I am looking at you WWE S vs R) Because I no doubt would have bought SMG.

This game is amazing. More of a game then I thought. Each level is broken up into planet toids. Some planets are unlocked only when you go after certain stars (Just like Mario 64 and Mario Sunshine before it). I was mistaken the levels are actual long and varied. I was never bored, and after gathering 10 stars in my allotted game time, I never felt like I was repeating anything to get the stars.

Old enemies made a comeback. Bullet bill was pissing me off at every corner. Moles were throwing wrenches, goombas were waiting to be smashed. Power ups were back, even thought bee mario looked a little light in the lofers.

I wish I had a wii now. I want this game. No if they would just ditch that horrible Steve Irwin Mode I would have loved them game even more (Mario rides a Manta-ray) The controls were horrible with it, having to tilt the Wiimote left or right and keep with in the floating river in the sky.

I can not wait to try this game again.


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