Friday, November 23, 2007

Old People Love the Wii

So I am sitting at home watching Gilmore Girls with my mom. You know it sounds so gay when you say it like that, but trust me it gets worse. And a commercial pops for the old TV. Its a commercial for what has to be the dumbest game idea ever.

Dancing with the Stars. ( I told you it got worse) My mom says, oh that looks like fun. I looked at her strangely. "Well too bad, its on the wii, and we don't have a wii. Amazon would not sale me one for $79." (The night before had them for sale for the price of $79 for a special promotion.)

She was disappointed. She then asked how much it cost to buy one at full price. I told her it was 249.99. She started to act like she really wanted one. So we left and ventured to Kmart and also to get a paper for the Friday ads. (I forgot to get a paper this morning)

Well Kmart had them first thing in the morning. I knew there was little hope for finding one, but we were in the area. And sure enough they had nothing. The worse part was I could not even find a newspaper with the Black Friday Ads, everywhere I went there was nary a paper found. SIGH!!

We came home wiiless. I started hitting all the major websites for the wii Nothing unless you wanted to pay for outrageous bundles. I went to to see if they knew any off the wall website selling wiis.

They had an ad for They were going to be selling Wii at 3 AM (EST) for the regular 249.99. I thought this would be my one and only chance to get one if mom wanted one.

So I set my alarm for 15 til. Got up and went to the website. I waited, and waited. Constantly clicking the refresh button on the browser. Finally it popped up. about 7minutes late. And I bought it for her. (Okay she paid for it)

So yes folks, in a few days I will have all three of the next gen consoles at my disposal. SMG here I come baby. It-s-a-me Super Robio.

My mom is excited. This is the first game system she has ever wanted to purchase. She said it is something she feels like she can play. So I told her that she can review games for the show.

Game Reviews for the Elderly. :)

Look forward to her review of Wii Sports Episode 9 of Phil-n-Rob'd Games.

(Update: As of 3:30 AM the wii on Amazon is sold out. Mine is on the way)

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