Friday, November 23, 2007

Rob'd doesn't know shit (he he)

Back a week ago, I went to Gamestop to pick up some new games and to get rid of Tomb Raider: Anniversary. I came back with Dead Rising and Pocketbike Racer for the 360. Rob was worried about me picking up the Wii Zapper. I didn't. I just waited a week. Here are some of my impressions of the Zapper.

The Wii Zapper was $24.99 at Gamestop and it came with Link's Crossbow Training in the box. You put the Wiimote, horizontally, in the Zapper. The nun chuck accessory is placed vertically in the Zapper. The cord connecting the Wiimote and the chuck can be hidden in a slope between the two. The trigger is up front and it takes the place of the B button. I place my left hand near the trigger and it feels pretty good. It does feel a little tight in between the trigger handle and the slope toward the nun chuck. I place my right hand around the nun chuck and my thumb can control the joystick while my index finger controls the C and Z buttons. The overall feel of this new accessory is very good.

The game that comes with it is Link's Crossbow Training. You take activity in 27 different shooting tests with shooting targets and shooting fruit. You earn points from each shot you take as well as shooting other targets like pots and scarecrows. Accuracy is key as you will earn multipliers for consecutive hits. Points are lost by shooting X covered targets as well as innocents. Each of the 9 levels has three different events. The three events are target shooting, defender, and ranger. To pass, you must accumulate 2,000 points to earn a bronze medal. A silver medal is earned after getting 4,000 point and the gold is for getting 6,000. The target shooting is very fun to do because you really do not have to move. The defender is pretty good because you are standing still and by moving the gun reticle to the far left and right, you will curve over to that side. The bad portion of the stages are the ranger missions where you have a certain time to shoot as many objects as possible. The joystick allows you to move back and forth but turning is very difficult. There are times when enemies will be just to your side and it is difficult to turn to their side. Overall, though, this is a great game to play with.

There are games that already utilize the Wii Zapper. Medal of Honor 2: Heroes, Resident Evil: The Umbrella Chronicles, and Ghost Squad are the games and many are soon to follow. For lack of a better word, the Wii Zapper is one of the reasons that I believe that the Wii will be a force to be messed with, especially with FPS. And for $24.99, you cannot pass this up. Get it, for Christ's sake.

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